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Capcut free video editor- Download 2023

Capcut Free Video Editor is an online modification app for your videos and photos, including many features. It is user-friendly and simple for beginners in editing as well. The video editor Capcut is the top most popular app for modifying your videos and photos. This is the most suitable app for a range of creative purposes.  Download this fantastic app from the given link;

Here we will describe the fantastic features of this app, and how to use them, like reversing audio and video in this app, fonts of the Cap cut app, how to resize and change their colors, and how to apply transition effects on the videos and images.

How to Reverse on Capcut?

This tutorial is about reversing the video and sound on the Capcut app. Reversing is an editing technique for videos that allows the video to play backward. This reversing technique can also be applied to sound or audio in the video. The detail on how to reverse the video and audio in this app are given below;

How to Reverse Video on Capcut?

Make you have downloaded this edit video Capcut app before learning the reversing technique for videos. Here we will tell you the reversing technique of the Cap cut app for iOS and Android Devices. Step-by-step guidance is given below;

Reverse Video on iOS

  • Firstly, Open the Cap cut app.
  • Then click on the video you want to reverse.
  • Afterward, click on Edit.
  • Then press the Reverse icon on the app
  • Yahoo, you have reversed the Video.

Reverse Video on Android

The reversing video technique is the same for Android phones as iOS. The steps are given below;

  • Launch (open) the app and create New Project in the cap cut app.
  • Then select the video you desire to reverse.
  • Afterward, tap on the Edit menu for the modification of your video.
  • Then, find the Reverse menu and click on it.
Capcut free video editor
  • After Reversing, successfully Save the reverse video on your phone.

How to reverse Audio or sound on Capcut?

As we described above, the reversing technique does not only apply to video but also to Sound or audio. Audio and sound can also be reversed with the help of this Cap cut app. Although the reverse audio feature is not separately available on this app, you can still use it with certain tricks in the Cap cut app.

With the Cap cut app, the tricks to reverse the audio, whether it is music or any sound, are effortless and simple. The steps to reverse the sound or audio are given below;

  • In the beginning, click on the New Project on the Cap cut app.
  • Then add the Image you desire to the project.
  • Then add the song or music to reverse the audio you want with the Audio Menu.
  • Then, Save the video with the music in the gallery in Mp4 Format.
  • Now create New Project and add the above-saved video to that.
  • Now tap on the Edit Menu, find the Reverse Menu, and reverse the audio.
  • Now, wait until your audio is reversed.
  • In the last, Separate the audio from the video with the Extract Audio button.

How to use Transitions in the Cap cut App?

The transition effect is the effect that makes your video move in an exciting way in the Cap cut app. There are only two ways to add a transition effect in the Cap cut app. Both the ways to get the transition are described in detail as follows;

Capcut Transitions with regular Effects?

The transition editing menu is unavailable like other editing menu options in the Cap cut app. The transition modification option will only appear in the form small white button. This transition button is in the frame where two images and videos are present.

Follow these simple steps to use transitions with regular effect in this Capcut edit video app;

  • Open the app and tap on the New Project icon.
  • Then Next, Choose the two images or videos or both.
  • If you are choosing Video, then cut the video by using the Split menu button.
  • Then, you will get a small white transition option in each video split; click that transition button on the app.
  • Then choose one transition effect from Basic to Mask and set the time for the transition.
  • You may also apply this effect to all the intersections of the video if you desire.
  • Afterward, tap on the Tick option.
  • Now click on the Play button to enjoy your transition video.

Capcut Transitions with Animated Effects?

Along with the basic effects of transition, this app also has animated effects for images and videos. The famous animated effects of this app are wiper, shake and swing. Remember that the transition with animation doesn’t have two photos or videos like in the transition with the regular effects.

Follow the steps to learn the usage of transition effects with the animated effects;

  • Launch the cap cut app, and click on the video on which you want to add a transition effect.
  • Then open the menu of animation from the bottom.
  • Then three options of In, Out, and the combo will appear; select one animated transition option to apply to your video.
  • Then, set the time for how long the effect of transition will be, and tap on the tick mark to apply the effect.
  • Finally, Export and Save your video to the gallery and share it on social media.
Export video

Capcut font download free 2022

Guys, if you want fonts for Capcut, it is worth visiting here. Fonts are the most integral part of content presentation. Whether it is paper or digital content, fonts help to understand the meaning of the context in the best way. The fonts of this app add uniqueness to your content for better understanding by the users. Choosing the correct font size and color is vital to user engagement with the content.  Here we will describe a little about the fonts of the Cap cut app, so, stay tuned.

Most Popular Fonts on Capcut

Before telling you guys about how to add the fonts to this app, we would like to introduce you to the most popular fonts of the app listed below;

Capcut Popular font


This font is quite simple and bland and is liked by people worldwide.


This font of the Cap cut app is best for the intros but without the apostrophes.


This font is used for specific projects, and its uses are minimal.


This font is best used for videos but unsuitable for introduction projects.


This font is extremely beautiful but sometimes hard to read for users because of its joint writing style.


This is the best font of the cap cut app used by the folks for aesthetic intros.

Amatic SC

This font is pretty cute but a bit overrated in many people’s opinions.


Typographic users best use this font for their work.


This Barlow font is mainly used for ranking purposes. 


This is the most likable font of the Cap cut app and is used in most of the projects.

How to Add/Import Fonts to Capcut?

The steps to add or import the fonts in the app are given below;

Step number 1

In the beginning, go to your device’s play store or app store. And search the typography app there.

Step Number 2

Then open your device browser, and search there.

Afterward, choose and download your favorite fonts, then long-press the downloaded zip file and share the file from the share button.

Step Number 3

Then tap on the install button to get the photo app and open the app on your device.

Step Number 4

Then tap on the Camera button below and choose the image and select the green color as shown.

Step Number 5

Then tap the screen, and the add text button will appear. Afterward, tap on the font icon and choose the downloaded font of your choice. You can also design and style your font as well.

Step Number 6

Now look for the online background removal and open the Cap cut app.

Step Number 7

Then tap on the added overlay and add the recent images of your choice. And now, you are done adding the beautiful font you desired to your video.

How to Change Font Size in Capcut?

As we discussed above, fonts play an essential role in making your content interesting and readable. Now, after adding the text and font, you can also change the size of your fonts in the app.

With the custom font edit button, you can adjust the color and size of the font as you desire. You can adjust them side by side to edit them with the help of the moving text box. Cap cut adjustments are very easy and user-friendly, but it does not permit manual editing of the fonts’ size.


This Cap cut editing app, and all its editing features are absolutely free. 

Yes, you can reverse any function on this app. You only have to click the Reverse button, which will revert the video to its original state. And after doing this, you don’t need to save the changes again; after reverting to their original state, you can resume all the edits in this app.

Although, there are no options to reverse the audio or sound in the cap cut app. But the sound can be reversed with the video reversing, and you can extract the sound from the video as we have done above.

The complete guide step by step to import or add the fonts in this app is discussed above.

To delete the fonts in the app, follow these simple steps;

  • Firstly, go to the settings in the app.
  • Then tap on the Menu button.
  • Then choose the Cap cut.
  • Then press on the clear data and press the ok button.

This article is about the video editor Capcut app, its features, and how to use them wisely and efficiently. We hope this article was helpful and fulfilled your need to visit this website.

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