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How to use Capcut Green Screen – Complete Guide [Step by step]

Using Green screen effects in videos seems to be trendy in 2022. It may include memes in the Selfie videos and dynamic effects to raise the quality of videos. So, as Android and iOS Users, if you are looking for the best green color screen to make your videos stand out, then CapCut app will serve all your needs. This app has a minimum amount of User interface, but it offers high-quality filters and effects to modify your videos for social media.

Here we will provide a complete blog on How to do Capcut green screen with pro tips to remove the video’s background. It is very quick, easy, and free of cost.

What is the Green screen in the Cap Cut App?

The green screen is a video editing skill that helps make your animated characters move in the background of your video. It also changes the background of your videos very quickly. This screen skill is commonly used in video creation, television shows, and movies. In this blog, we will describe capcut green screen editing on android phones. And you can only use this Green color screen effect with the Cap cut pp to modify your videos.

How to do a green screen on Capcut?

There are commonly two ways to do the Green color screen edit on this app. Here we will describe how to use these ways to get the green color screen effect. Those ways are;

  • How to use the Chroma key in Capcut for the Green Screen Effect
  • How to Use Green Screen on Capcut with Background Remover

How to Use Capcut Green Screen with Chroma Key Capcut

Before using this method to use the green Color screen effect, make sure that you have the green overlay for this effect ready in your gallery, and if you do not have that, then download it from related apps like Pexels and Pixabay.  And after getting the overlay follow these steps to use the green color screen with the Chroma Key function.

How to Use Capcut Green Screen

Step Number 1: Upload Your Background clips to the App

Click on the New Project Button, select the background video or multiple videos if you want, and click on the Add button.

Step Number 2: Add the green screen overlay Capcut

Now click on the Overlay Button and add the overlay, and then choose the green video you wanted to add in the background.

Step Number 3: Choose the Color you want to remove

Now choose your desired color from the Chrome Key Button. And then, choose the color you want to remove from the video you want to edit.

Step Number 4: Remove the selected Color 

Now click on the Intensity slider to remove your desired color. And for the lighting adjustments, use the Shadows Slider to increase and decrease shadows. 

Step Number 5: Export Your Video

And when you get the desired result, click on the check Button to apply the final effects. And now Export video finally.

green screen capcut

How to Use Green Screen on Capcut with Background Remover

In addition, to the Chroma key feature, the Capcut app also offers the function of the removal of the background of the video. This tool of the video editing app offers you to remove the background color automatically from the Video.

Step Number 1: Upload Your Background clips to the App

First, open the app, click on the New Project Button, and add the video clips on which you want the green color screen effect.

Step Number 2: Add the green screen overlay you like in the App

Now decide on the green-screen overlay for the video by taping on the “overlay” and then the “Add Overlay” Button.

Step Number 3: Apply Remove Background Effect from the App

Then find and click on the Chrome Key Button to pick the color you want to remove from the video background.

green screen background

Step Number 4: Edit Your Video

Now edit the video with the desired effects in the Cap cut app.

Step Number 5: Export Your Video

Now export your video to the gallery, and enjoy and share your video with your friends on social media.

How to Remove Green Screen on Capcut?

You can easily remove the green screen on this video editing app with two techniques given below;

Technique Number 1

In the first technique, you can use the feature of background remover, which removes the background from any video in seconds.

green screen background

Technique Number 2

And secondly, you can also use the Chroma key function to remove the green color screen from the background of your videos and photos.

Tips for Customized Background Removal

As you know, how to use the green-screen effect in two ways with the help of the cap cut app. And now, as a bonus tip, we will provide the knowledge to access the sliders of intensity and shadows to customize the background of your videos. The details are as follows;

Customized Chroma key

Intensity Slider

The intensity slider is best for adjusting the deepness of the green color removed from your video. It also changes and manages the edges of the color selected for the video. In this way, it provides precise and satisfying results for the videos at the end. But it might not look great when you adjust it to 100% because it will affect the color you chose to edit the video. So only slide the bar where to get the desired and best result of the video.

intensity chroma key

Shadows Slider

Another one is the shadows slider, which enables the artificial shadow at the edge of your green screen video. This slider enhances the video and makes it pop because this shadow effect makes the videos more realistic. Slide the shadow bar where to get the desired and best result of the video.

shadows chroma key

How to Enhance Your Videos to Get More Views?

 You can enhance the quality of your videos with this Cap cut video editing app. Because this video editing app offers stickers, emojis, and text templates with limited styles and numbers. This app is also enriched in text animations for many suitable events like birthdays, weddings, important news, and many more. And lately, this video editing app has also launched the removal of unwanted backgrounds to enhance your editing experience.

enhance video

Many frequently asked questions regarding the green color background screen effect are given below, with appropriate and relevant answers.

Yes, this video editing app with the Chroma key and green-screen features quickly removes the background from the videos and photos like movies and creative videos.

According to many research reports, they could not find the Chroma key features on this app, but it is not true because Cap cut app still offers the Chroma key for the background removal from your videos and photos.

You can find numerous eye-catching Videos with green screen effects on this Cap cut app-oriented website. This website provides thousands of green-screen videos.

If you desire to add moving objects like fictional or virtual characters to your videos, then you can use the green screen editor of the Cap cut app. This will help you to remove the background from your desired videos.


This blog showed you How to use Capcut Green Screen with two distinct methods. You can use the best way to use this green-screen effect which fits your needs to edit the video. Our hopes are high, that we have guided you properly to use this green color screen edit with the Chroma key feature.

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