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Habibi Capcut Template Trending 2023 – Free Download

Friends, you want to edit your videos professionally with the Habibi Capcut Template. And looking for that trending template, you will get that desired template here. Over 232 thousand people have used this trending template till now.  Here we are providing you with the Habibi template that went viral, almost liked by everyone in 2023.

The Cap cut pro is the best video editing app for mobile phones and Computers. This Pro app is the most popular worldwide, especially in Asian Continent. And this app is very simple to use, and TikTok uses its templates to edit videos.

Trend Habibi Capcut Template Free Download 2023

For those people who do not have any idea to get the Template Habibi, we are here to solve your problem.  You can use and Download this thrilling Habibi Template from the provided links in this article.

Habibi Capcut Template

Template Information

NameHabibi Capcut Template
Created by[BP] Petmalu Edits
Usage232K plus
Video Duration for this Template0.12 Seconds
Publish Date14 October 2022
Available on AppCapcut App
Size of the Template6568 Kilobyte

What is Habibi Capcut Templates

There are hundreds of templates trending on TikTok, but the template Habibi of the app is the most used and viral template of 2023. Therefore, if you want to modify your videos with this template, then use the following link.

The Habibi template adds the best music while modifying the videos. This famous template Habibi utilizes the song of Habibi by the famous Ricky Rich, edited by the Albanian Remix. The Music details of this famous template are given below;

Music Details of Habibi Template

Music / SongHabibi, edited by Albanian Remix
Artist of the SongRicky Rich and Darden

How to Edit a video with Habibi Templates

Editing your videos with this Habibi template is very easy. Follow these steps to modify your videos with perfection;

  • In the beginning, tap on the Download link or button of the Habibi Template.
  • It will open the Template.
  • Afterward, tap on the Use Template Button in the app.
  • Your phone or Computer Gallery will be directly open in the App afterward.
  • Now Select the allowable amount of your desired Photos and videos to be edited.
  • And tap on the Next Button.
export video
  • Now your videos or photos will be automatically Edited.
  • Export your saved video with or without a watermark successfully.
export video


There are many frequently asked questions about this template of Habibi, but we narrow down the answers to some of the common and most asked questions here,

Yes, All the Templates, like the Habibi Template, are free in this app. 

No, you do not always have to download the template for editing the video. Instead, you need to tap the use template button to edit videos with the Habibi Template.

No, this Habibi Template is only created for the mentioned app in question and can only be used on that app.


So if you want to use and download the Habibi template, enjoy using it with the above links. We hope this article was worth reading for you to understand the Habibi Template completely. And if you want to explore more templates, keep exploring this website.  

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